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Oct 2015

MERGE RAW Artists Adelaide

By Louise Brook

What an experience being part of RAW Artists Adelaide on the 16th of October at The Producers Hotel. Being able to showcase my work at my first exhibition and receiving such positive feedback was wonderful. There was so many talented creative people on the night. Thank you RAW for giving me this experience and the chance meet so many amazing people on the night! x

October2015:MERGE RawAdelaide
October2015:MERGE RawAdelaide October2015:MEREGE RawAdelaide
Aug 2015

FMC Pinkyellowblueball 2015

By Louise Brook

This year we are donating "Beautiful" 2015 an original painting on canvas.
The event is held at the Adelaide Entertainment centre in November. The event raises funds for cancer research and since 1989 has raised over 2.3m in profit.
Please wish this piece luck on raising vital funds! x August 2015 FMCPinkyellowblueball2015
Jul 2015

How to make vintage modern

By Louise Brook

You have heard of the phase "out with the old in with the new"...... Gone are the days where it all has to match!

Combining both modern and vintage helps personalise your decor and style. A well edited room should look like its been collected over time and not shipped straight from the showroom floor.
Try mixing different style, Pair a vintage sideboard with a modern piece of artwork or a modern vase with a vintage dresser. When merging two contrasting styles, creating balance is critical. July2015:How to mix the old with the new! Before bringing an item into your space, decide what role it will play. Will it be the focal point or simply compliment other elements of the room, will it pop or blend.
Trust your eyes and your heart, look for pieces that remain true to their style and speak to your individual preferences xx
Jun 2015

How to paint a vintage cane peacock chair

By Louise Brook

I really love vintage cane furniture all the details are beautiful, often though it has been left outside for years and can look weathered and tired. Giving your furniture some TLC and a coat of paint is the quickest way to revive it! June2015:How to paint a vintage chair
This peacock chair had been painted in the past, but not protected so the paint easily flaked off. It looked old and ready for a makeover June2015:How to paint a vintage chair
First the chair was cleaned really well, you have to remove any loose paint, dust and hair as it will show up in the new paint and ruin the finish. A good way to do this is to use a vacuum with a soft head to remove dirt and grime from hard to reach places. Wipe the whole piece down with a soft cloth and soapy water then let dry completely.
The wicker edging was coming away on this piece. A easy way to fix this is to use some garden wire, it is strong but flexible so easy to thread though all the fiddle bits. You can twist and tie it in a knot to secure it.
Once that's all done it's the fun part... choosing your favourite paint colour!
I would recommend using a spray paint as it has a lovely smooth finish on cane. I like to use Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover, it is a primer and a paint in one. You will need two cans for a chair this size. This paint covers really well and comes in some gorgeous colours. I went for berry pink as I wanted something bright and fun. When using spray paint you must wear a mask as it is toxic and you really don't want the nasty stuff in your lungs. As you can see from the gorgeous photo I have a respirator mask, I do a lot of spraying and wood sanding. June2015:How to paint a vintage chair Spray painting is best done outside or in a well ventilated area. You will need a drop sheet as it goes everywhere. I like to use a big piece of cardboard too so it stands straight. Place you chair so you can do the underneath first, then shake your paint then shake some more, the more the better. It's better to do lots of light coats then one heavy one, so you avoid cracked paint and bubbles. you can re-coat every 15 minutes, 2-3 coats are normally enough.
I always use a top coat on my furniture, it really helps to protect the paint and stops any chipping/flaking. I use White Knight Crystal Clear Acrylic in Satin, I like to apply 2 coats and then let it cure for 48 hours.
That's it, all finished!
You can stand back and admire your beautiful piece or sit in it with a cocktail x June2015:How to paint a vintage peacock chair
May 2015

Onebeauitfulthing Will Be Away For Three Weeks

By Louise Brook

Thank you for all your support and making my pieces feel loved again.
See you soon with more gorgeous makeovers.
This was the result of trying to get one perfect photo with! xx May2015:Onebeautifulthing Away For Three Weeks
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