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May 2015

Polka Dot Tallboy

By Louise Brook

May2015: Polka Dot Tallboy Hand painting polka dots is so much fun, can't wait to do another piece in this design!
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Adelaide. Painted Vintage Furniture Adelaide.
Mar 2015

Before & After: Chicken Wire Side Tables

By Louise Brook

I have been looking for the perfect piece for chicken wire. It adds such gorgeous character to painted vintage furniture. These side tables were perfect! March 2015 Before & After: Chicken Wire Furniture The tops were stripped, stained and oiled for a rustic look.
The rest painted in pure white and florence Annie Sloan chalk paint, then heavily distressed to show both colours and the wood underneath.
The chicken wire was then cut to size and stapled into place. It was a bit tricky getting the shelve's back in! March 2015 Before & After: Chicken Wire Furniture The result was amazing, especially with the added pineapple handles.
These sold very quick and I'm always looking for more to do again.. I loved them!
Adelaide painted vintage furniture
Dec 2014

Thank you!

By Louise Brook

Thank you for a fabulous 12 months.
Onebeautifulthing will be back in February 2015 with more gorgeous pieces.
Messages still being taken about lay-by and custom work.
Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!!!!! December2014Thankyou!
Dec 2014

Vintage Dresser Makeover!

By Louise Brook

December 2014 Vintage Dresser makeover
This beautiful dresser had been given to the owner when she was 8 years old by her parents. She loved her dresser, but was not sure what to do with it...... December 2014 Vintage Dresser Makeover December 2014 Vintage Dresser Makeover Now it is so beautiful in pure white with gorgeous glass handles. Inside the drawers are a bright turquoise with Laura Ashely decoupage.
This piece is even more loved with a new home in the owners beauty salon.. GORGEOUS!!!
Nov 2014

How to make a vintage suitcase table

By Louise Brook

November2014 How to make a vinatge suitcase table
A vintage suitcase is the ultimate shabby chic, so cute and pretty.
My vintage suitcase was found on ebay and I was happy to find out it was made here in South Australia by K.T Stewart PTY LTD.
When choosing a suitcase make sure it is made of plastic or wood, a fabric case would have to much movement for a table.
I was lucky to have a vintage step stool that was beyond repair so I got my four legs from this. Legs from a stool or coffee table work best so you get the right height.
To make the suitcase more stable and for something for the legs to screw into you need a piece of plywood. I measured the inside of my suitcase and got a piece cut at Bunnings Warehouse, they do 3 cuts for free. They also sell new table legs if you are unable to find any vintage ones. November2014 How to make a vintage suitcase table You can then nail or screw through the plywood into your legs, making sure the legs are in each corner of the case. November2014 How to make a vintage suitcase table Then the fun part of painting it a beautiful colour!
I did a colour mix of old white, Florence and antibes green to make a lovely fresh mint green. There is no need to prime with Annie sloan's Chalk paint, if you didn't want to use a chalk paint I would recommend you primed first. You would only need a tester size amount of paint for two coat's.
To add some character I rubbed the edges with 180grit sandpaper, be gentle so you don't remove to much paint.
To protect the paint I used a soft wax. A wipe on polyurethane can also be used which is easier to apply.
I painted the inside and added a silver stag head and for fun turned the plywood into a chalkboard so it could be used as a toy box. November2014 How to make a vintage suitcase table I think it turned out so cute!
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