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Oct 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Louise Brook

We have been asked to donate a piece for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

These lovely retro tables will be auctioned on a Pink Ribbon Race Day Luncheon held at Morphetvielle.
We hope their happy brightness will get them lots of bids for vital funds! October 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Oct 2014

A Retro Makeover...Before & After!

By Louise Brook

October 2014 A Retro Makeover...Before & After!
This cute vintage telephone table set has been given a lovely modern makeover.
The table and legs were painted in navy... goodbye brown! The seat a fresh grey. I love Annie Sloan chalk paint, you can paint anything. The seat was painted and then waxed and now feels like a soft leather.
The drawer I painted in a bright yellow and then added a gorgeous geometric pattern to the front.
The little handle didn't get missed and is now navy and looking new.
This really looks super lovely now! October 2014 A Retro Makeover...Before & After!
Sep 2014

How to get a chippy look with milk paint.

By Louise Brook

I really love that chippy aged look on vintage furniture.
Miss Mustard Seed milk paint is the perfect paint to achieve this look. Your piece needs to be sealed or a little shiney. If it has been sanded or is raw wood, milk paint will absorb into the wood and not chip or flake. You can use a resist to help, like hemp oil or wax puck.
The paint can flake from the entire piece if it is to shiney, so a bonding agent must be used. These products are all made by MMS.
It's best to protect your piece when you are happy with the look. I like to use a soft wax or wipe on polyurethane.
It can be a bit scary using milk paint for the first time as you don't know where it is going to flake and chip, but it's fun and wonderful how every piece is unique! September 2014 How to get a chippy look with milk paint Missmustardseed milk paint Adelaide
Sep 2014

FMC Pinkyellowblueball 2014

By Louise Brook

This beautiful piece has been donated to the Flinders Medical Center, for the Pinkyellowblueball 2014.
The event is held at the Adelaide Entertainment center on Saturday the 8th of November. The event raises funds for cancer research and since 1989 has raised over $2.3m in profit.
I hope this does well in the silent auction and can help with the fight against cancer.
September 2014 FMC Pinkyellowblueball 2014
Jul 2014

July 2014 Donation to Lucy Morice Kindergarten

By Louise Brook

Wish her luck in a silent auction!

July 2014  Donation to Lucy Morice Kindergarten

We have donated this lovely piece to our local kindergarten for a fundraising event. The funds raised will go towards upgrading the outdoor learning area.

We hope she does well!

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