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May 2014

How to get that washed, distressed look on vintage furniture.

By Louise Brook

Two colour technique using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I found these beautiful shaped mahogany bedside tables.

Old cream bedsides prior to the two colour technique using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I loved the shape of them, but they where tired and painted in a horrible thick gloss paint. They needed the wow factor! The bedsides where prepped using paint stripper and a random orbital sander. Being made of beautiful mahogany I wanted to show some of the wood. The tops where given two coats of dark walnut Minwax wood finish, which brings out the gorgeous grains in the wood. A coat of wipe-on clear Minwax polyurethane finish was then applied using a cloth. It gives a hand rubbed look with brilliant protection.

Bedsides tops with stain during the two colour technique using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The base of the bedsides where then painted with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Graphite, which is a lovely soft black. I colour mixed Annie Sloan Florence and old white, which made a stunning aqua blue. This was then thinly and roughly painted over the black. The result was a fabulous washed, distressed look in gorgeous modern colours. They where then waxed with Annie Sloan clear wax. I use a brush to wax, as I feel the wax gets massaged in quicker and I waste less wax. The excess is then wiped off with a non-lint cloth. Glam glass handles where then added to finish them off.

Final Bedsides with two colour technique using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - finished bedsides
They now have the wow factor! This photo was liked by Annie Sloan herself on Instagram, made me very happy!!!
Annie Sloan Chalk paint Adelaide
Mar 2014

Event: Fullarton Market on Saturday, March 22nd

By Louise Brook

  • Fullarton Plant and Craft Market
  • Fullarton Park Centre
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Saturday, March 22nd 2014
  • 9am til 1pm
  • Visit website
Mar 2014

Latest Creation: Vintage Desk & Bentwood Chair

By Louise Brook

This was tired and abused, lots of scribes and scratches, but it was solid and well crafted.

Tired and abused Vintage Desk and Bentwood Chair

The desk was sanded back, until lovely and smooth and looking like new. The lower half was then painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 1 part Linen grey, 1 part white. The top was painted in old white. I then taped off the chevron pattern using paint blocking frog tape. I then took a razor blade and cut out tape pieces to make the chevron stripes.

Vintage Desk, a work in progress

I then painted this in the same colour as the bottom. I wanted the desk to look a little aged, so the top was gently rubbed with 280 grit sandpaper.

It was then finished with minwax wipe-on poly. I usually use wax, but knowing this would get a lot of use this is more protective.

The Bentwood Chair, inside of draw and handle where cleaned, restored and sprayed with rust Oleum Ultra Cover 2x gloss sunshine yellow.

This desk now has the wow factor!

Vintage Desk and Bentwood Chair
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